Man Struck by Car on College Ave in Orono 

A man is in a hospital after being struck by a car on College Avenue in Orono. It happened around 6:30 Wednesday night. Police say 25-year-old Nirajan Adhikari, a University of Maine student from Nepal was hit. Witnesses tell us he crossed the street without looking, with his head down, and by the time the driver saw him, he couldn’t stop. “We saw him walk out in the middle of the road and then we saw the person in front of us slam on his breaks and try to swerve out of the way and then all of a sudden we saw his feet fly into the air and everyone just stopped,” said Abby Bourbon, a witness to the accident. ” It’s very important that people stay on the sidewalks and wear bright clothing,” said Officer Jason Zalva with the Orono Police Department.Adhikari was conscious when he was taken to a hospital. Police continue to investigate the accident and say they believe the driver was going the speed limit when it happened.