Mother and Son Promote Awareness Through Songs 

13-year-old Gareth Laffely grew up around music. “Both my parents are musical. My mom’s always been a musician and my dad’s a music therapist,” he said.When his mother’s best friend and former band mate lost her battle to cancer, he was inspired to write a song.”When he came to me and said, “Mom, I wrote this song for Cindy,” we were basically blown away,” said Susan Oliver, Gareth’s mother and a native of Orono, Maine.”She was really having a hard time leaving her family and I wrote this song to let her know it’s okay to move on,” said Laffely.It seems that using their talent for good runs in the family. Gareth’s mother is a recording artist who currently lives in Nashville, TN. She wrote a song in memory of fallen soldiers.”It’s called, “I Am With You Still,” and it’s a music video tribute to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. It kind of brings it home as to this was somebody’s brother, this was somebody’s sister, this was somebody’s husband or wife, this was somebody’s son or daughter or their mom,” she said.Their songs send different messages. Both come straight from the heart. “I always wanted to do this so hopefully some good will come of it,” said Laffely.”We feel like we’ve been blessed to have the passion for music and always wanting a way to give back to the community and to use your talent for good,” said Oliver.