Colleges and Universities from Across the Country Represented at UMaine College Fair 

College. It’s a big decision. Where do you go? What do you study?High school students from throughout the state are getting help trying to figure out the answers to those questions. We take you to a fair at the University of Maine where colleges are strutting their stuff for prospective students. Attendance is high at the University of Maine’s College Fair. ‘ There’s tons of people here. Tons,” said Michelle Baker, a sophomore in high school from Milo. Nearly 200 colleges and universities are on hand to give high schoolers a crash course on what they have to offer.” Two year schools, four year schools, we have schools from the Midwest, schools from the South. The University of Maine System is here,” said Bill Munsey, associate director of undergraduate admissions at the University of Maine. It’s an eye-opener for students. ” It’s really cool that all these colleges would come here just for these students that probably half of them don’t know what they’re going to do, but half of them do,” said Baker. The goal is to help both halves– those who know what they want to study and whose who aren’t sure– find a place to call home after high school. ” This is actually the first step, just making kids aware of what’s available,” said Ken Frederick, director of guidance at Hermon High School. ” I want to major in Zoology and I didn’t know there was so many schools that actually specialize in that certain major,” said Cailee Mercier , a senior at Bangor High School. ” You don’t have every day to go and see the College of Montana and get information on Montana or everything,” added Baker. ” To be able to talk to a representative from each college and get their perspective of everything is really nice,” said Mercier. Whether they choose to stay close or go far, it looks like the college fair gets an A for its effort.