Local Web Developer Says It’s Time to Embrace Facebook Changes 

When the hundreds of millions of Facebook users logged in last week, a different kind of home page appeared.The website rolled out a number of changes that left users scratching their heads.”Number one, it’s a free application so if you don’t like it, don’t use it. You’re accepting their terms of use if you’re going to wig out every time they make a change than what you wanna do is not use it,” says Kelly Cotiaux, the owner of web development company, Sephone Interactive Media.As of July, Facebook has 8-hundred million users and it’s altering the way we live.If you’re one who hasn’t adopted it but your children have, Cotiaux says it’s vital that you know what Facebook is about.”If that’s not your thing, it’s their thing and the predators and the bullies out there will use those things to get to these kids so you really have to be a gate keeper even if those tools you don’t like to use yourself.”A ticker, now appears on the right side of your screen, showing any update your friend makes in real time.”There’s much more full on sharing of information that maybe was always there to being with but now because they’ve got these other features and other looks those things are easier to see that you did not see before.”Cotiaux suggests users should check their privacy settings once a month. if you prefer to share content with just your Facebook friends, click the “friends only” option.”You might have though since you checked that one thing one time, it’s never going to do it again, you want to make sure that you’re really going in and saying what you want to say.”Using Facebook is free, but cotiaux says what you post could cost you in other ways which is why keeping a close eye on change is good.