Legislative Committee Approves Bath Salts Bill 

A legislative committee unanimously approved a bill that will push for stronger penalties against bath salts users and dealers. Governor LePage proposed it after an alarming increase in recent crimes related to the synthetic drugs.Monday, a legislative committee met to talk about the bill and take public comment. It was part of a special session that’s brought lawmakers back to Augusta. The bill would make selling and repeatedly using bath salts felonies. Currently those crimes are misdemeanors.One of the biggest questions raised to is how to cover the costs of stronger enforcement. Bangor Police Chief Ron Gastia says something has to be done, consider bath salts are the most dangerous drug he’s seen in nearly 30-years in law enforcement.The bill was approved with a fiscal note, meaning lawmakers are concerned about funding for it. The bill is scheduled to go before the Appropriations Committee Tuesday before it moves on to lawmakers in the House and Senate.