Fifth Annual Day of Remembrance For Murder Victims 

This year marks the fifth annual Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.Sunday in Augusta, the Maine Chapter of Parents of Murdered Victims paid tribute to the hundreds of Maine citizens who have been killed. ” This is a day in which we all pause and remember the victims who have been killed at the hands of others.”Family and friends came together in Augusta to remember those taken from them.The Maine Chapter of the Parents of Murdered Children hosted the event.It’s a way for the murder victims to never be forgotten.” So often in our society when there’s conversations about a death by murder all the focus is on the person who committed crime and less of the focus is on the person who is killed by the murderer.”Patricia Matthews lost her son fourteen years ago. She attends all these gatherings and has created a quilt in memory of her son and others.” I do things like this to keep me sane and we went to a conference one year and they happened to have a pattern for just a picture but it was this pattern and I came home and looked at it for 2 to 3 years and said gee I think I could something with that.”She says events like this have helped her over the years.” I can remember when I first came I thought I was the only one suffering, but after going tot he many meetings and many different things, especially conferences I have found out that I compare with many people.”While these tributes can’t bring back their loved ones, it does offer a small sense of sanity.” It’s a very special time. Usually these are done very well and very nicely.”