Marcus Davis Wins MMA Bout Friday Night 

April 23rd, 1993 Marcus Davis made his professional boxing debut with a TKO win against Luis Guzman at the Bangor Auditorium.Friday night it was Davis’ first MMA fight in the state of Maine.The Irish Hand Grenade was part of the Main Event taking on Travis “Iron Chin” Coyle out of Denver.Coyle failed to make the weight agreement Thursday, but the fight still off went as planned.Coyle had won 8 of his last 9 fights.The two fighters circled for the first 41 seconds of the fight, and then after Davis threw a jab, Coyle went for the take down.Davis blocked the attempt, and changed position, and ended up taking Coyle down, and ended up with the top position, and a choke hold applied.The 38 year old Bangor native sunk the choke in a little deeper and pulled Coyle’s neck, and forced the tap out submission.One minute and seven seconds into the bout, and Davis was the winner.Davis’ next fight is against Chuck O’Neil October 15th in Miami.16 other fights were held.Etna’s Ryan Sanders won his bout with a third round submission against Vincent Silvestre.