Maine Troop Greeters Receive Generous Donation From Maine Association of Police 

The Troop Greeters just received a generous donation from the Maine Association of Police.They are now the owners of three new laptops with cameras.They will allow soldiers passing through Bangor International Airport to not only communicate with family members, but also see them.The association had already donated one computer within the past year.” And when we come back for a second visit they told us how much of an impact that it had and we wanted to work with our partner organizations who jumped on board immediately and said we want to support this, let’s get them three more computers.”” Oh it’s a huge impact. That personal contact with that significant other in their life and they’re able to go ahead and keep people posted on what their plans are and keep them being a part of their lives as well.”The association says they hope to be able to help the Maine Troop Greeters out more in the future.