Local Soccer Fields Celebrate “World Peace Day” 

Sports has proven time and time again to be unifying. The hope is that there will be no warring in the world today, and the sport of soccer is helping deliver that message. Tim Throckmorton explains.Stop fighting and play soccer instead. That’s the call by millions across the globe today during this “World Peace Day”. This is the 2nd year that people have been taking part in the event locally.The idea is for kids to show up, play soccer and have fun. The United Nations established September 21st as World Peace Day 30 years ago, and the hope is that these soccer games played today bring attention to the message of non-violence.Gary Ross – World Peace Day”Our organization is a peace organization for kids to develop global citizens and become a more peaceful world. This is an international day of peace and see if they can make the world a bit more peaceful”More than 100 countries and 100 million people have acknowledged this day by participating in peaceful events.