Seminar on Elder Abuse Held in Bangor 

Elder abuse was the topic of a seminar in Bangor Wednesday.Folks from Winterberry Heights, Eastern Area Agency on Aging and the Hammond Street Senior Center took part.Representatives from Spruce Run gave a presentation, pointing out the warning signs of abuse.They say often senior citizens are afraid to ask for help because of the perceived consequences.”The amount of violence against seniors is pretty great. It’s usually done by caretakers or people who love them. So there is all kind of abuses. There’s the physical abuse, the emotional but also some of the financial advantages that people take of seniors.””Reaching out to anyone can be a really hard first step for anyone regardless of their age. So it’s really important to acknowledge that, that it happens in older populations just like it happens in younger populations. It’s something we need to address and really talk about.”Spruce Run serves the Penobscot area. To report abuse call them at 1-800-863-9909.