Passport To Your Future Fair Held at Old Town High School 

Old Town High School Students got a jump start to their future Wednesday.The school hosted their fourth annual college and career fair.”We have colleges and careers in the gym and outside for the kids to explore and get some ideas about what they want to do when they leave high school.”More than 40 presenters were on hand for the students, including TV-5.”We have so many graduates that leave and don’t have a plan. So our idea is by doing it early, especially in the freshmen and sophomore years we get the students to have a plan. It gives them a direction and a focus for their classes and everything is kind of targeted around what it is they want to do.”The students seemed to be taking advantage of the fair.”I’ve been mainly looking for colleges. Hopefully a lot of the ones I want to go to are here. I’ve been looking around and see most of them.””Like me I haven’t decided where I want to go yet and having this really gives us options to see what there is out there and what they’re offering and all that.”This is the fourth passport to your future fair and it offered some new things this year.”Tried to get more hands-on displays. The Maine School of Welding is here with their welding truck. UNE is here with their dental simulator, so kids can actually go in and fill a tooth.”It seems the goal of the fair was reached.”They can also make connections because if you meet someone here then when you go back to see them against they might remember you so that can help you out.””Everybody loves it. It’s great to get outside and actually do something instead of sitting in the classroom all day.”