East Millinocket Mill to Put 215 to Work by Early October 

For now, paper machine #5 at the Great Northern Paper Company is quiet. But in just a few weeks, that will change.”We need to be starting operations by October 10th in order to make the delivery date of October 30th,” said Great Northern Paper Company CEO, Richard Cyr.Cate Street Capital closed the deal to purchase the East Millinocket Mill late last week but it’s already lined up to fill orders from overseas. CEO Richard Cyr says filling those orders on time will be a challenge.”There’s a lot of work to do both on certain sections of the mill, have to be ready, equipment needs to be some preliminary minor maintenance has to be done to them and the hiring process,” said Cyr, who is also the Senior Vice President of Cate Street Capital. He says more than 500 people have turned in their resumes, hoping to work at the mill. Once machine #5 is up and running this October, 215 people will be on the job. Beyond that, Cyr says the future of this mill and the others will be based on the market. “We’re going to be making an investment of a minimum of $20 million in the next few months so where it goes from there as far as whether we are able to get paper machine #6 on line, that will require an additional investment, and of course you’ve got Millinocket with the super calendar machine, paper machine #11, which will require an additional investment,” he said.Cate Street Capital is confident in its investment because it will be bringing back paper makers who have been doing this for a long time in a location fit for the job.Peter Hanson, President of the Great Northern Paper Company said, “The essence of this operation is the spruce fur forest that we’re sitting in the middle of and that we’re ideally positioned to make paper from that.”And that’s just what they’ll do when both mill workers and the mill itself get back to work.