Bangor Apartment Complex Fire Displaces Nineteen 

It took Bangor fire crews just minutes to arrive at the burning apartment building on Moosehead Boulevard. And it only took minutes for flames to travel through two apartments, leaving them in ruins.”The entire back of the building was engulfed. It had heavy smoke coming from the front of the building and the back up to the roof line, just a wall of flames,” said Assistant Chief Rick Cheverie of the Bangor Fire Department.The apartments in the complex share a common attic space, which allowed for the fire to spread. Mike Watson’s apartment was damaged but not destroyed. He was upstairs napping and woke up to a commotion.”I came downstairs and I saw black smoke coming out of the first two apartments and I went back upstairs. I got my girlfriend up and got her out and there were neighbors going around banging on doors making sure everyone was out,” said Watson.Many neighbors who saw the fire tried to help.”Everything was exploding and people were out back and we were just trying to make sure everyone was out and if they needed things. We were trying to move things out of the way, grills, things that were going to explode,” said a resident of Davis Road.After about an hour and a half, crews were able to put out the flames. No one was hurt in the fire, but a cat pulled from the one apartment was taken to the vet. Bangor’s assistant fire chief says they don’t know the cause, but they’ll be investigating.”It will be done by Bangor PD, Bangor fire, city electrical and probably we’ll have the fire marshal’s office involved as well,” said Chevrie.Those who live in the six-apartment complex have more immediate concerns. According to the American Red Cross, the fire displaced 19 people.”I’m worried for the people who live in the first two apartments, wondering where we’re going to stay tonight, where we’re going to go from here,” said Watson.Tenants and neighbors are hoping they’ll find a way to band together to help those who lost everything in the flames.