Message in a Bottle Found Along Seal Cove Shoreline 

Ben Sawyer grew up in Southwest Harbor and he’s spent quite a bit of time walking the shoreline, but he’s never made a find like this before. It happened while his roommate, Mike, was going musseling in Seal Cove. Ben came along for the ride.”I walked up to the high water line and just sticking out there was this bottle. It caught my eye because it looked like there was something in it,” said Ben.”He holds it up and says, “I’ve got a message in a bottle!” and I say, “No, you don’t,” so I walked up and looked and sure enough he had a message in a bottle,” said Mike Mansolilli.But it wasn’t just one message: inside were three different notes. They came from a group of passengers aboard the Spirit of Massachusetts. A sailing instructor and two students from a school in Dorchester, Massachusetts wrote them. “They were just talking about nature and how they liked the outdoors and that sort of stuff and that they would like me to put my information, my name and what not in the bottle and send it back out,” said Ben.He plans to write his own message and send the bottle back to sea.”It could go anywhere, you don’t know. It could end up across the world next time,” he said.As for the students in Massachusetts, Ben plans to let them know that their messages were found and that he’s sending their messages and his back on their way.