Cross-Country Trip to Raise Homelessness Awareness Gets Help from Local Business 

A cross-country project is getting some help from a business in Maine.Mark Horvath is the founder of Invisible It’s a video project aimed at giving a voice to the homeless. He’s been traveling across America with this project for years, but now a local company is helping make that easier.Varney’s GMC in Bangor has given him a car to help him raise awareness about homelessness throughout the nation.”Here I am in Bangor, Maine. It’s more of a rural community and the homeless here are a little more invisible and you have more families doubling up, tripling up, people are living in trailers that don’t even have running water. That’s still not acceptable in this country of ours,” said Horvath.From Bangor, Mark is heading back across the country. If you’d like to find out more about this project, visit