Dr. Oz Joins Health Care Conversation in Bangor 

Members of the health care community filled the Spectacular Event Center in Bangor with one goal in mind to get the community more involved in their healthcare.They were joined by a special guest, TV’s Dr. Oz.He joined the discussion via satellite as part of the “Care about Your Care” initiative, a month long effort to put healthcare in the spotlight.Maine was one of four states represented in the live broadcast that was shown throughout the country.”Maine is increasingly recognized as a natural leader in improving the quality of healthcare and it reflects the great collaborative environmnet here where people are willing to work together,” said Dr. Lisa Lateourneau.Kathy Bragdon shared a story about two of her patients at Penobscot Community Health Care.Thanks to health care, she’s seen significant changes in their way of life.”Both work really really hard to do what needs to be done to improve his quality of care and they’re just doing a great job,” she said.An estimated 98-thousand Americans are killed each year due to medical errors that could have been prevented with the right care.Dr. Lisa Letourneau says asking questions and using resources leads to living better and healthier.”It starts with getting working with your primary care doctor so they can advise you, maybe you don’t need that catscan, it’s better not to go to the ER, it’s better to get the right care for you in the right place,” she said.A message they hope to spread not just this month, but all year long.