Take This Job & Love It: Alpaca Farm Herd Health Day 

If you have an idea for an upcoming Take This Job and Love It, email Chelsey at [email protected] this “Take This Job and Love It” Chelsey Anderson headed to Unity. There she worked at Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm for a portion of herd health day.Chelsey: “I started my day with something I’d learned when I worked at the Equine Shelter in Perry… cleaning up their mess.”———————————-“Alpacas are very convenient how they all go in one spot, and when one starts the others follow and it’s all in one pile. It looks like coffee beans so there’s not a lot to it. We use wood pellets to absorb the urine so it does make it a little easier.””So twice a day we will go scoop each of the pastures.” “Okay.” “And that’s all there is to their cleanup.” “Okay.””And alpaca poo is amazing compost.””And then we dump it. We have a bean recycling center out back.””You can put it right in this pile here. We have it the oldest, the newer and this is the freshest right here.””Right up and dump it right in.”Not only is there cleaning up, there’s also a new baby on the farm. Savannah is 3 days old, and needs a little closer watch than the older alpacas.”Alright so let’s go get the baby.””And I’m going to pick her up but I’m letting her mother know that I’m not taking her away.” “Ok.” “And Sunny has to smell her to know that everything is okay.””She’ll follow us right into the barn. Come on Sunny.” (kiss, kiss)”The humming is her communication with the baby. So the baby knows she’s..There’s your baby.””It’s so cute.” “There she is.” (humming)”Come right with me. We’ll go right in the barn.””And what I’ll have you do is I’ll have you stand on the scale and I’ll pass her to you.”For about the first month of their life alpacas should gain a half to a full pound a day.”She’s at 15 pounds the last I checked.””15 and a half pounds. Gaining just right. Savannah’s a big girl now.””Then I’m going to set her down.” “Set her right down. Like that?” “That’s right. And then she’ll go on her own. That wasn’t so bad.””There she is. There’s your baby Sunny.””Now what are we going to do? How about taking Space Cowboy for a walk? Space Cowboy is dad. Let’s go get him.””He’s in the trailer. He’s just came back from New York.””Hey buddy!”I walked Space Cowboy around the farm a bit and then it was time for grooming.”Archie needs a little trim. Alright. Lets go meet Archie.””So what we’re going to do is we’re going to trim a little hair just from their top knot. They have a few tufts that were left over from shearing.””So if you’d like to give it a try.” “Ok.” “And with Archie you just have to gently hold under his chin.””And we have one spot right there. Maybe he needs a little side cheek trim.””All done.”I finished the day by fluffing out some hay and then it was time to find out if I’d be hired.”Absolutely. I have a little bit more training, only because they are like our children and if I’m going to have somebody working up close I want them to be as trained as they can be. You did an awesome job”—————————————For more information on alpacas or on the farm visit