Upcoming Road Work in Bangor 

Road crews in Bangor are getting ready for some paving projects next week. They’ll spend the rest of this week milling area roads in preparation.Wednesday, crews are scheduled to work on Perry Road under the Route 202 overpass.Thursday, they’ll tear up part of Stillwater Avenue, from Howard Street to the highway.They’ll also work on Garland Street, from Broadway to Center Street. Friday, they’re scheduled to work on Fourteenth Street, from Allen to Russell Streets. Stillwater and Perry Road are on the list to be paved next week. See the complete schedule from the City of Bangor below:09/14/2011 MILL PERRY RD.-Under Rt. 202 overpass09/15/2011 MILL STILLWATER-Howard St.- I-95 MILL GARLAND ST.-Broadway-Center St. 09/16/2011 MILL FOURTEENTH ST.-Allen St.-Russell St. 09/21/2011 PAVE STILLWATER AVE.-Howard St.-I-9509/22/2011 PAVE PERRY RD.-Under Rt. 202 overpass PAVE PLEASANTVIEW AVE.-Poplar-Fowler Ave. PAVE MONTGOMERY ST.-KD Ave.-Fountain St. 09/23/2011 PAVE MOOSEHEAD BLVD.-Deer Isle-Bald Mtn. PAVE RANDOLPH DR.-Union St.-# 179 PAVE WESTLAND AVE.-Ohio St.-Union St. Inclement weather may require adjustment of this schedule on a day to day basis. Questions and comments regarding the paving program can be directed to the Public Works Department at 992-4500.