UMaine Hockey Team Takes a Break to Play Soccer 

The first UMaine hockey game is in less than three weeks. The Black Bears have to find places to practice while the renovations wrap up at Alfond Arena. Today, the Black Bears took to the pitch after their workouts. Some players have played soccer before and have some knowledge of the game. Senior captain Brian Flynn was a star soccer player during his high school days in Massachusetts. He makes it look easy here.Others were not quite so good. Goalie Dan Sullivan shoots it just a bit outside.A beautiful day for a shootout as Joey Diamond’s team got the win over Will O’Neill. He picks up bragging rights over the senior co-captain.Joey Diamond – UMaine Junior“It’s good to get out here and enjoy our company we haven’t seen each other all summer long. We had a few go into the baseball field but most went into the net.”Will O’Neill – UMaine Senior“We just didn’t have our focus today we skied balls and chipped balls over the net. We don’t have MLS goalies out her so we needed to get them on net and we didn’t do that.”