T-Mobile Employees Say Company Misusing Tax Breaks 

Employees at the T-Mobile Call Center in Oakland say the company is responsible for hundreds of jobs lost, despite years of tax breaks aimed at creating positions.In a press conference outside company offices Tuesday, they said their employer has not lived up to its promise to hire some seven hundred workers.From 2005 to 2009, T-Mobile received about three million dollars from state programs as incentive to create jobs.Employees claim the company has actually cut hundreds of positions in the last few months, but a T-Mobile spokesman told the Morning Sentinel that they have not laid anyone off.”It’s a play on words. They’re saying there’s been no layoffs because that’s the truth, but T-Mobile is certainly driving for the job losses though and it’s coming in the form of firing,” said James McCoy, a T-Mobile employee who has worked at the call center for three years.The workers said that a private employee website shows there are currently 395 workers still at the center.