Brewer Public Safety Building Houses a Reminder of 9/11 Attacks 

Hanging over the fire trucks and gear at the Brewer Public Safety Building is a tragic piece of American history. It’s an 18-foot, twisted piece of steel recovered from Ground Zero after the September 11 attacks. In October of 2008, Captain Brent Melvin of the Brewer Fire Department brought this and two other pieces of the twin towers home from New York City. Along with two others, he toured an 80,000 foot hangar at JFK International Airport packed with remnants from the World Trade Center attacks.”It was full of metal and artifacts, fire trucks, police cruisers,” described Captain Melvin.The men were looking to memorialize the twin towers at their new public safety building, which was then under construction.”We found a couple pieces of steel that really seemed to depict that day and brought them back,” said Melvin.Over two years later, the emotion felt while touring that facility is still very real to Captain Melvin. “Since we went, I’ve tried to think of a word to describe it and I really can’t come up with one. It was pretty powerful,” he said.Now, the steel and aluminum, once a part of the New York skyline, are here in Brewer and accessible to members of the public who come to see them and to the men and women who work here.”You come in, you see it everyday. It’s good to have that to remind us,” said Melvin.These items remind them why they do their job and remind them of those in New York who were doing their job on that tragic day ten years ago.