UPDATE: Coast Guard Rescues 1 Off Monhegan Island, 1 Man Still Missing 

The Coast Guard is searching for a man who was apparently swept out to sea near Monhegan IslandOne other person has also been rescued from the same area, known as Gull Rock.The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department contacted the Coast Guard around 1 o’clock this afternoon after a report of a 32-year-old man who’d been knocked into the water by a wave and hasn’t been seen since. Officials say after the man was swept away, four people tried to swim out after him and ended up on Gull Rock, which is about 500 yards off Monhegan Island.Three of them were able to swim to shore.We’re told a helicopter crew had to hoist the remaining woman from the ledge.The Coast Guard, Maine Marine Patrol, Monhegan Island Fire Department and an area fishing vessel are helping with the search for the missing person.The Coast Guard says Hurricane Katia is creating significant swells and rip currents throughout the coast and is warning people to be cautious on the water.