Bangor Humane Society Extending “Name Your Adoption” Program for Cats 

The Bangor Humane Society says is looking for homes for cats in their overcrowded facility.Bangor Humane’s Stacey Coventry says sixty cats were surrendered in just two days this week bringing their population over two hundred.She says it’s been happening at a high rate this year because of the economy.Adoptions are also down this year.The Humane Society has launched its name your adoption program, where anyone can adopt an adult cat 6 months of older for a minimum of ten dollars.Kittens can be adopted at a fee of one hundred dollars.All cats are spayed and neutered.”I think in combination in being able to reduce our fee and telling the community we need their support to help finding homes for these beautiful pets and cats really helps so we’re hoping it will happen again.”You can contact the Humane Society at 9-4-2 8-9-02.They’re located on Mount Hope Avenue in Bangor.