Waterville Police Say $8000 In Fuel Stolen From Waterville Airport 

Waterville police are in investigating the possible theft of about 2,000 gallons of aircraft fuel from the Robert Lafleur Municipal Airport in Waterville.Airport manager Greg Brown reported in june that the fuel was missing from an airport tank.Police Chief Joseph Massey says there was a possibility the missing fuel was the result of a bookkeeping error but after a thorough review of the books he says he’s confident it was theft.Massey says investigators are in the process of talking to current and former airport employees. “So he has about three more people to interview,” Chief Massey said on Thursday. “And once that’s done I think at that point we need to sit down take a look at the results of all those interviews and see if it points us in any particular direction or points us to a particular person of interest”The fuel was believed to have been taken between may 2010 and January of this year. It was valued at about $8,000 dollars.