38th Annual International Sea Plane Fly-in Underway in Greenville 

Greenville will be bustling with people this weekend, all here for the 38th annual International Sea Plane Fly-in. “I’ve already talked to folks who are in from the Carolinas, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Last year we had folks in from Germany. They literally come from all over the place.” About 300 sea planes are expected. “It’s a very unique event. It’s a large fly-in event and there’s a lot of comradery among the pilots and a lot of competition among the pilots.” Spot landing and taking off competitions are just a few of the competitions. But what the event does for the area still surprises folks. “This is a giant boost for Greenville. This is our last hurrah for the season. After our summer events are over, this really brings it home for Greenville.” They usually have a unique aircraft that attracts a lot of attention. This year is no different. “This year we’re having a plane that’s called the Fire Boss. We’ve been working on getting this aircraft here for a number of years.” They say the event wouldn’t be possible without the volunteers. One volunteer, Busta Coppenhaven, says the people you meet from all over makes it worth it. “It’s really a spectacular event once it’s all happening.” The International Sea Plane Fly-in runs until Sunday — for a schedule of events, log onto