Local Orchard Suffers Some Storm Damage 

Tropical Storm Irene caused many trees to come down on power lines causing tens of thousands of outages around the state.But it also made an impact on a fall favorite.The owners of Maine-ly Apples in Dixmont closed early Sunday because of the high winds and rain.But it wasn’t until Monday morning when John and Elaine Olsen went to inspect the orchard they found the damage.They have more than 16-hundred trees on ten acres of land, and they found five trees completely destroyed by the storm and another 40 damaged in some way.Now, according to Elaine, the work begins on trying to keep those trees alive. “With man power we stand the tree up if we can and we use wooden props and we prop up the tree and sometimes John has to use the tractor on the bigger trees.”Elaine said the keeping the roots in tact and healthy was the key to success, but they won’t know how well their efforts worked until Spring after the trees go through the Winter.despite the storm and damage maine-ly apples is open for business as usual.