Caricature Artist Brings Her Talent to American Folk Festival 

There are a lot of familiar faces at the American Folk Festival, but there are new friends there too.We sat down with a woman making her first appearance that the Bangor waterfront. It’s been said life imitates art but sometimes art imitates life. ” I draw fast and I just try to keep getting better and better at it,” said Paula Carter.Paula Carter has been in the caricature business for a quarter of a century.Her artwork, in a way, is a spoof of real life.” People like to stand outside and look and see who they can recognize,” said Carter. From celebrities to pets Carter creates parodies of anyone who sits in her seat.” Sometimes they’ll squeel,” said Carter with a laugh.For the first time, Carter is taking Caricatures by PJ to the Bangor waterfront for the American Folk Festival.” I had the open weekend so I started looking around for something to do,” said Carter. She plans to help festival goers mark the weekend with a comedic, yet totally recognizable image of themselves.Paula attends events throughout the area. If you’d like to contact her, send her an email at [email protected]