Downtown Businesses Take Advantage of What the American Folk Festival Can Offer Them 

”The American Folk Festival brings spirit, excitement, national recognition and certainly it’s a tremendous tourist and business economic development tool for the city.”The American Folk Festival on the Bangor waterfront brings a lot of foot traffic to downtown bangor, businesses do what they can to take advantage of it.”It’s definitely an increase. A lot of different people that we don’t see. It’s definitely a hectic weekend.”Larry Killan, General Manager of the Sea Dog Restaurant, says they’ve even added live music at their venue for the weekend.”We have an outside stage. We add entertainment just basically to try to attract some of the people that are walking through.”Taste of India Restaurant brings their food to a booth at the festival.”It does help a lot every year. We get new customers every year, so that’s a little bit of help.”They’ve had a booth at the festival since it started and are big supporters of the event.”It brings a lot of people from all over the country. Also the musicians play good music. People come for the music and food.”The Downtown Business Partnership is also getting more involved.”This year we’re going to be having a table at the Folk Festival that has information about downtown. We’re offering businesses the opportunity to display brochures, coupons and merchandise.”They believe taking this proactive approach will benefit downtown businesses, not just during the festival, but all year long.”The waterfront is a part of downtown and we really want to connect the waterfront and all the events that happen there to the downtown core. Get people to come after events. To come downtown to eat and go shopping.”Everyone agrees, the city can only benefit from having all these people here.”The more people we can expose to what Bangor has to offer the more folks are really impressed. From that exposure you never know what’s going to come. It could be business investment, there could be folks that want to live here and certainly visit here. We know that anytime we have the opportunity to show off Bangor it’s usually met with very positive results.”