Local Woman Donates Collection of Dresses to Cinderella Project 

It’s a collection of gowns that’s six years in the making.”When people ask you where did you get all the gowns, tell them at a vending machine at the car wash so that’s what I usually tell people.”Victoria greeley accumulated formal gowns when she hosted tea parties at her home.Behind every dress there’s a story about the girl who wore it.”Everyone could dress so the daughter who is having a birthday, a six year old, an eight year old, ten year old could get into what we call a princess gown.”But now she’s parting with the memories as she steps into her new role of fairy godmother.Greeley is donating pieces of her collection to the Cinderella Project, a group that gives formal wear to girls who would otherwise not be able to afford a dress.It’s the perfect pairing of these gowns and the young girls that need a gown.Victoria says these dresses are more than just fabric, it’s a chance for young girls to feel special during a memorable night of their lives.”I think it’s thrilling for the mother and father to see the girl in the gown and for her to have this memory, it’s a memory you make.”The Cinderella Project has been transforming girls into princesses for the past five years. Last year, they gave away 187 dresses.The dresses are free and the girls are asked to pay it forward by coming back and helping others, something Cinderella herself would be proud of.”They’re magical and I think that anyone who doesn’t have the will ought to be able to get one and that would be particularly magical, don’t you think?”Because every girl deserves a happily ever after.For more information on the Cinderella Project,you can find them on Facebook here.