UMaine’s Largest Open House is a Family Affair for Some 

Thousands of people flocked to the University of Maine in Orono Monday to get a sneak peek of what life as a Black Bear could be like. As Carolyn Callahan found out, for many, it’s a family affair. It’s been said “father knows best”. Shelley Price and Adam Burt are getting a lesson in that. ” I did my undergrad here at UMaine Orono, graduated in ’87,” said Adam Burt, father of his son of the same name. ” Her dad graduated from UMaine. Her uncle graduated from UMaine. A couple of her uncles graduated from UMaine,” explained Christina Price, Shelley’s mother. Price is from Scarborough. She’s going into her senior year of high school and doesn’t know what she’ll major in yet. Burt is a high school senior in Massachusetts. He says wildlife is the focus he’ll take in college. ” There’s so many different majors and minors that you can do here. It’s a lot to think about,” said Shelley Price. It’s the largest UMaine open house ever: welcoming high schoolers from across the country to ” Go Blue”. ” It’s got a very good name for itself, so I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to check out UMaine to be honest with you,” said Christina Price. Family tradition is strong at the state’s flagship university.” They came to the University of Maine, they want their children to, their grandparents did. This is a special place that matters to the citizens of Maine,” said Robert Dana, VP of Student Affairs. Staff members are on hand to ease any fears the kids and mom and dad might have. ” A lot of parents really want to know that their children are going to be safe if they send them here, that they’re going to get a good experience, that we’re going to care for them,” said Kelly Beers, assistant director of the First Year Experience. The nearly 800 potential baby Black Bears have some time to make a decision. ” It’s never too early to start planning for the future,” said Adam Burt. A little extra advice from dad, that likely won’t end when college rolls around.