Community Tours New Brewer Community School 

Students in Brewer will have a new place to learn this September, but they didn’t have to wait until that first day of school to see inside. The new Brewer Community School held an open house on Saturday so kids could get a sneak peek.”It’s pretty cool. It’s kind of big though,” said Eli Johnson, a student who will be attending the school.”It’s huge. It’s like the mall,” said Elizabeth Grover, an incoming fifth grader.The kids have it right about the school’s size. It has more than enough space to welcome 975 students this fall.”It’s the largest Pre K though Grade 8 school in the state of Maine,” said Superintendent Daniel Lee.During the open house, the halls were filled with those checking out the classrooms and facilities.”I’m happy that it’s a mob scene. I’m glad so many people are coming to see this school not only from Brewer but from other communities,” said Mark Farley, Chairman of the School Committee.And the kids were glad to be able to test it out. “Just being able to look around the new school and being able to see what it has inside its walls,” said Grover.Construction both inside the walls and out took about three years.”It’s colorful, it’s bright, it’s airy, it’s well constructed, it has all the elements of what one would want in a good school,” said Lee.And given the building’s facilities, officials say it might be more to the community than just a school.”I’m thinking that this building will become an anchor for the city. It’s going to be an attraction. It’s well located within the city and with the performing arts center I think it’s going to draw a large group of people to this facility and it’s going to be the place to be I think,” said Farley.One thing is for certain, come September 1, it will be the place to be for the school’s staff, faculty and hundreds of students.