Job Corps Students Donate Flower Beds to Maine Veterans Home 

Nicholas Arroyo and his band of brothers at the Home Builders Institution spent three days drilling and sawing to add a bit of home to the Maine Veterans Home.”All of these veterans are really inspiring to me all of us here at the Home Builders Institution,” he said.The group built twelve flower beds from the ground up to give residents another way to stay active.”For them, to be out and about and just interacting with others as part of their mental health and their well being and it gives them quality of life in their last years,” said They’re now in full bloom and creating quite a buzz.”It’s been very good I mean you know it was just like snap your fingers, there they are,” said resident Jerry Gilles.Gilles considers himself a garden enthusiast and while these days it’s taken a back seat, he’s excited to see it make a comeback in his life.”I just love gardening I love plants, I love gardening and I miss it because I’m obviously disabled at this point in time,” he said.But for the men of HBI planting these seeds was a chance for them to give back to the men and women who have already given them so much.”It makes me feel like a really good person like I’m giving them something to look forward to something to do,” said Dustin Alley.Something small that’s already made a big impact.