Family of 4 Loses Everything In Athens Fire 

A family of four in Athens has lost everything after a fire destroyed their home this morning. Firefighters say the home of Duane and Mary Brown is gone and so is everything they owned except the clothes on their backs.Firefighters say the family had only been gone about 15-minutes before the fire broke out. It appeared to start in the kitchen and quickly spread throughout the house. The fire was called in around 9:30 this morning by a neighbor who saw smoke and flames coming from the home. That neighbor rushed to the house and opened the front door to try and let the family’s 4 dogs out. He managed to get one of the dogs out but the other three, a lab and 2 chihuahuas died in the blaze along with a cat.Firefighters say when they arrived there was little they could do. “The kitchen area of the house was fully involved with fire,” says firefighter Malcolm Prosser. “It was too hot to get near the house. We tried to move some things away from the house. Two story wood structure so it spread fast.”Friends of the Brown’s have already begun efforts to help the family. “Obviously it’s devastating,” says family friend Maya Oliver. “But close knit family and friends. If they can just find a place to live a trailer to put back on their land that would be great. We’ll figure out what to do with the rest after. They just need a place to live before winter.”Firefighter and family friend Malcolm Prosser is letting the Brown’s stay in his camp nearby for the time being.We’re told the brown family desperately needs clothing for mom and dad and their two boys, an 8-year-old and a teenager. The family is also hoping to find a 3 bedroom trailer to put on their land. Anyone who can help is urged to call Maya Oliver at 399-7324.