Business Puts New Spin on Cab Service 

Summer in Maine is a bit ironic. The streets fill up with guests looking to escape their everyday lives, only to wind up in a jam they’re all too familiar with.”Bar Harbor is such a touristy town, and yet there’s such a problem with the congestion of the traffic,” said local resident, Alan Fernald.Which is why amongst the thriving businesses of downtown Bar Harbor, Fernald and a classmate have become a new pair of pedalers.”Considering the three million people that visit MDI every year, we just wanted to provide a new, alternative transportation,” said Jose Merlo.Together, they have rolled out the area’s newest cab service. “We thought, hey, wouldn’t it be an amazing idea to start like a pedicab or bike taxi company for the town of Bar Harbor,” said Fernald.They pitched the summer job for a business course at the College of the Atlantic.”And ultimately we received some funding, and so with that money we were able to buy the bike trailers,” said Fernald.Asking for nothing but tips, Fernald says they’ve been able to keep things moving.”People have seen it as this very fun, novel way to get around and they’re taking for a little tour or a way to get from point A to point B.”Putting some momentum behind the company’s name and goal: Bike Revolution.”One of the long term goals was to make Bar Harbor just a more bike friendly town, and so we thought that by promoting bikes we could maybe open up dialogue in the community about it and get people talking.”For now, their quiet ride past the traffic speaks for itself.