Bangor Water District Releases Info About Lead in Drinking Water 

Bangor Water District customers have been warned that some of them may have lead in their drinking water.In testing last summer, the water district found higher levels at some homes. The same results were found again this year.The water quality manager says the problem isn’t coming from the water source but instead from lead pipes in homes. Those at risk live in homes with plumbing that’s about 30 years old or older.The water district is working with engineers on how to fix the problem.”Ultimately this is something that we’re working to fix but it just is unfortunately, it’s not a quick fix and it certainly requires a lot of investigation. So that’s the process we’re in now,” said Water Quality Manager Dina Page.For now, customers using water for drinking and cooking can run their cold water for a few minutes before using it.If you have any questions or would like your water tested, contact the Water District at 947-4516 extension 409.