Kids Learn Safety at Bike Rodeo 

This isn’t your average rodeo. This one’s for kids and their bikes.”It’s just like any other day riding with my friends except it’s more fun,” said 12-year-old Derek Chapman of Holden.It’s a fun way to learn about bike safety taught by Holden Police Patrol Officer Chris Greeley.”We take a look at their bikes to make sure they’re working correctly. We want to make sure they have a helmet, a helmet that fits correctly,” said Greeley.The kids also learn their A-B-C’s. Each letter represents a part of their bike they should check. “‘A’ being the air in the tire, ‘B’ being the breaks, and ‘C’ being the chain. We want to make sure all that stuff is working correctly,” said Greeley.”I think it’s important for people to know all the rules about safety because you could seriously get hurt if you don’t know them,” said 11-year-old participant Kayla Brooks.After they talk safety, it’s time for the rodeo, where they do drills to put their knowledge to the test.”We’ll do some things where they can weave, we’ll do some starting and braking drills. We’ll do some avoidance drills where they’ll see a hazard in the road and they’ll have to get around that quickly,” said Greeley.At the end of the rodeo, the kids were entered in a drawing to win prizes donated by local businesses. And while they may take home a prize or two, they’ll also take with them the ability to be a better and safer biker.