Downeast Horizons Participants Wrap Up Week at Camp CaPella 

It was a beautiful day for a barbeque, one that marked the end of a week at a beautiful place.”We’re having a great time. It’s really nice here at Camp CaPella. Everything is just so beautiful,” said Charlie Hunt, a Downeast Horizons participant.For this week, Camp CaPella, a camp for those with physical and developmental disabilities, was a getaway for partcipants in Downeast Horizons. It’s a program that provides services to disabled children and adults.”The motto is, ‘People helping people,’ and the reason why is because how are people with unique needs supposed to have fun and do different objectives?” said Rob Durrett, another participant.Downeast Horizon’s executive director says some of these campers wouldn’t be able to have this experience elsewhere. Through fundraising, they’re able to attend camp this week for free.”You can see the smiles on their faces, the fun that they have. The remarkable experiences that they are having today is very similar to the type of experiences that really fortunate families have when they can go to camp,” said Tony Zambrano, Executive Director of Downeast Horizons.Being at camp is one reason they’re having a great time. But it’s also about who they’re sharing the experience with.”Some of my friends are here from the center,” said Tyler Davis.”Downeast Horizons is sort of a second family for a lot of these individuals,” said Zambrano.”I really love this program. I mean it’s helpful, it’s supportive,” said Rose Davis.”They support us,” added Linda Mathis.The staff at Downeast Horizons say the feeling is mutual.”I just hope they have fun, that’s all. Bring smiles to their faces because they bring smiles to a lot of people here,” said Zambrano.