Workers at Mansfield Stadium Finish Preparing For Senior League World Series 

The Senior League World Series at Bangor’s Mansfield Stadium begins in two days. Workers at the ball park are putting on the finishing touches before the teams arrive. Prescott Rossi was at Mansfield Stadium this afternoon to check on the progress.The opening ceremonies kick off at 7:00 on Saturday at Mansfield Stadium. For the last two weeks, crews have spent hours, rain or shine making sure that the stadium and field are in top shape.The major details are already finished. With less than 48 hours to go, workers and volunteers are putting on new coats of paint, tending the field, and also setting up concessions and souvenirs. Teams begin arriving in Bangor tomorrow afternoon. A lot of work goes into putting on the Senior League World Series, but for those involved, it’s a labor of love.Mike Brooker – SLWS Tournament Director“All week long, even on the rainy day, there’s been 12-15 people here putting in anywhere from 8 to 12 hours. That’s just the volunteers that are here working. Then we have the vendors that are here. It’s just amazing and it’s a bunch of people doing a bunch of work.”Every year at Mansfield Stadium they have a different official t-shirt. This is the shirt for 2011. It comes in blue and white. Pick them up ASAP because these shirts fly off the shelves.