Take This Job & Love It: Worming 

If you have an idea for our next Take This Job & Love It, email Chelsey at [email protected]————“In this edition of Take This Job and Love It Chelsey Anderson got down and dirty worming in Down East Maine.”Chelsey- “That’s right, and I’ll tell you what, I’ve taken on a lot of difficult jobs doing this feature, but nothing was as difficult or humiliating as this one… And that was just walking.”————Vinnie McLean- “You’re going to need these because its going to be really soft where we are going.” Chelsey- “Okay.” Vinnie- “And the hardest part is going to be walking in the mud.”Remember that line. Now that I was suited up Vinnie and Daniel loaded the boat in and away we went. It didn’t take us long to get to the area we were going to rake but the tide wasn’t out quite enough so we needed to walk it in.Chelsey- “I’m being a really big help right now.”Chelsey- “So how do you walk in this?”Vinnie- “Just pull that one there out. Take a step. Then pull that one out. There you go.”Chelsey- “It’s like slow motion. Come on!” Vinnie- “It’s different isn’t it?” Chelsey- “Yeah.”Vinnie- “That’s good enough.” (laughter)Vinnie reached down and introduced me to what I was going after today, sand worms.Chelsey- “Oh my gosh! This is so gross.” Vinnie- “That’s a small one actually.”It was time to rake. The limit was 500 today, but I’d be happy with anything. I did my best to walk in the mud, but I wear a size 5 shoe, these were a men’s 10.Chelsey- “Ugh! I’m out of my boot right now.”Vinnie- “Maybe if we can get right about here that would be good.” Chelsey- “Whoa!”And my boots were tied to my pants, so there were problems.Chelsey- “My pants are falling off.”Chelsey- “I’m going to have to undo these clips.”Chelsey- “Ok. So show me how to start a hole.”Vinnie- “Ok. If I can get you in that hole.” Chelsey- “I’m going. I’m trying.” Vinnie- “Try to just keep moving. It’s done again.” (laughter)Vinnie- “See why you need them a certain size.”Vinnie- So 3 digs across. Yep.Chelsey- “Just dig it in?”Vinnie- “Just, and pull it.” Chelsey- “It didn’t go deep enough, huh? Oh look! I got one! I got two!” Vinnie- “That’s a tape worm.” Chelsey- “Ah!”Vinnie- “Now go again. Go about right there.”Vinnie- “Yep, just try to roll it. It’s about how you angle the hoe.”Chelsey- “Ok. So nothing in that one.”I kept trying to walk, and trying to work.Chelsey- “Oh Lots of them!” Vinnie- “And there. It’s official! She did it! You’re legal!” Chelsey- “Thanks!” Vinnie- “You’re a worm digger!”On that note it was time for me to call it quits and let these guys work. I attempted to get back to the boat, but my boots caused problems… Again.Chelsey- “This is why I can’t walk, just one of the reasons. Besides the fact that its extremely difficult and I admire these men.” Vinnie- “The boots was a little too big.”I was so embarrassed I had to have Vinnie and Daniel help me get back to the boat.Chelsey- “This is terrible!” Vinnie- “No it ain’t.”Chelsey- “I’m so close!” Vinnie- “5 feet.” Chelsey- “Whoa! No!” Vinnie- “You’re alright. At least you weren’t on your back.” Chelsey- “Now I can’t get up. Oh dear God! Ok. Dear me. Let’s go up. Ugh! Thanks guys.”Chelsey- “Ugh! That was rough!”Once everyone finished up we headed in to Moosebeck Bait shop, where it turns out somehow I got 85 worms. Vinnie insists I did it all on my own.Gay Crowley, Owner Moosebeck Bait Shop- “It’s official. There’s your first check.” Chelsey- “Thanks. There it is. And I’m proud of this.”All $10.20.So after everything today, would I be hired.Vinnie- “I would hire for one more tide. That would be with a headlight tonight at dark.” (laughter)Vinnie- “I would take you again, yes.” Chelsey- “Thank you. I appreciate it.” (laughter)————Chelsey- “I won’t be cashing in that check. I’m framing it. That was the hardest $10 I’ve ever earned.”