Organ Donation Celebrated at Eastern Maine Medical Center 

It’s been said there’s no greater gift to give than the gift of life. No one knows that to be more true than a room full of hospital staff, organ donor recipients and family members of organ donors. ” I had end stage live disease from a genetic condition,” said Bonnie Drew. Bonnie Drew of Presque Isle spent much of 2008 in a hospital bed. ” My liver was failing, my kidneys had failed, so I was near death,” explained Drew. She, like so many others across the country, needed an organ donation.” There’s 100,000 people on the waiting list nationally, we know that,” said Laura Huckestein, a clinical donation specialist for the New England Organ Bank. Drew got the word she was waiting for, a liver was available. ” You know that there’s hope, that there’s a chance you’re gonna live,” described Drew.There’s two sides to every story and Kendra Overlock brings the second part to this one. It’s her brother Kevin’s liver that’s keeping Drew alive. ” Knowing people are alive and well and healthy and with their loved ones, we’re so grateful for that,” said Overlock.It’s not just Drew Overlock’s brother has helped. He was an organ and tissue donor.” We don’t even know the extent of the reach of the gift,” said Overlock. An Organ Donation Memorial Butterfly Garden is now open at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor.” Families that are in crisis can come out and reflect and find some source of solace,” said Huckestein. The goal is to bring renewed hope and life to people like Bonnie Drew and Kendra Overlock. Two former strangers, who are forever connected.