Family Plans Road Trip Around Maine Museums 

It’s not your typical rest stop.”We’re just on our way down through to Boston,” said Michelle Campbell.But for a family on a road trip from Canada, it’s ideal.”We always do our research ahead of time to find out where the children’s museums are.”The Campbells hit every one along their way, making the breaks as exciting as the destination.”The kids look forward to it and we’re just really grateful that they have some fantastic children’s museums here in the states. We have like natural museums of history and what not, but nothing that’s this geared towards children. It’s very hands on. So, easily, they can entertain themselves for a couple of hours here.”Especially when they can find a little value in the day’s activity.”Today, we made little treasure bottles. Kids are obsessed with treasures. Treasures they find, treasures that are out there, mystery treasures, things they find on a beach. We have little sea shells, little tiny animal bones, feathers, gemstones, chips, beards and sparkles,” said the museum’s Director of Education, Trudi Plummer.A loot that could make any kid here happy.”My daughter is having a ball.”And was just one gem in a family’s new found treasure.