Balloon Animals Visit Bangor Public Library 

As summer nears its end, so does the Bangor Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.As we found out, the finale is sure to blow some of you away. Like many children’s stories, this one starts with a lesson.” If they have enough courage to read, then they should have enough courage to do what we do,” said Ezekiel Chapman.Kids throughout the Bangor area have spent their summer reading. ” I’ve read 25 books,” said Emma Paterson-Dennis. ” I think I read 30 and she thinks she read 100,” said Adam Millertreat talking about he and his sister Rachel. No matter the amount, library workers are proud. ” You can see kids that read something and it sparks an interest into something else and they go that way. It’s not something they have to do, it’s something they discover on their own,” said Christine Erickson, the action head of the Children’s Department at the library.To wrap up the summer reading experience, an octopus, platypus and even a lobster came to play.” We traveled around the world seeing different animals and learning some fun facts,” said Carroll Chapman , also known as Conjuring Carroll. Conjuring Carroll and his son, Ezekiel twist balloons into animals. ” I can make some pretty crazy stuff,” explained the younger Carroll. All while sneaking another lesson in along the way. ” It kinda helps kids know that it’s not just adults that can do things as a job,” said Ezekiel Carroll. The kids at the event told us it was a great time and by the sounds of things this story ends like any children’s book should …. happily ever after. To learn more about Conjuring Carroll click here. To learn more about the Bangor Public Library call 947-8336.