Senior Spotlight: Tax and Rent Refund “Circuit Breaker” Program 

Maine Residents Property Tax and Rent Refund Program is available starting August 1st. All seniors are potentially eligible. Seniors who have an income of less than $14,700-$18,200 for a household with a spouse or dependent, are given special consideration.Owners and Renters whose 2010 household income was $64,950 or less or with a spouse or dependent(s) and the 2010 household income was less than $86,000.There are two ways to apply.I-File is free, simple to use, and your application gets processed faster. If you are intrested in doing the I-file application it is available at the following link: can also file by mail. To get an application you can go to your town office and ask for a tax and rent refund application and instructions.If you don’t want to do this yourself you can contact Eastern Area Agency on Aging at 941-2865 and schedule an appointment to have this prepared for you. Just bring all your paperwork, which includes your 2010 annual income statements, the Federal, and Maine state 2010 tax returns.