Fire Marshal’s Car Torched; Prentiss Man Charged with Arson 

A Prentiss Township man is facing arson charges after authorities say he lit a fire investigator’s car on fire. According to public safety spokesman Steve McCausland, 53-year-old John Weckerly used a flammable liquid to destroy Fire Marshal Sgt. Tim York’s car. It happened early Wednesday morning. York was investigating three arson fires in the area over the past ten months, he left his car on the road Wednesday morning and when he returned it had been set ablaze. The car is destroyed along with a number of personal items of York’s inside the car. A state police dog was used to follow a scent trail that led to Weckerly’s house. He was arrested Wednesday morning . The prior fires that brought investigators to Prentiss Township damaged a garage and a seasonal camp. The fires happened in November and July. Authorities continue to investigate those fires.