Committee Forms in Favor of Feasibility Study for Proposed National Park 

A new committee has been formed to study the feasibility of a national park near Baxter State Park.Environmentalist Roxanne Quimby has proposed the 70,000 acre park.The committee will work with her to find out the economic and social impacts the park would have on the area.Quimby wants to give the land to the Federal Government.She wants to give 30,000 other acres north of Dover-Foxcroft for recreational use.The committee thinks the study will answer several questions residents have and let them come to the right conclusion about the park.”I see a lot of plusses for it and we need to get the facts out there and put all the information together and get it to the public so they can be supportive of a feasibility study. We have to have that study first.””I have an engineering background and you learn from day one, unless you’ve got all the information you can’t make an informed decision. So getting information is key to this whole process and right now I have signed on as a member of a group that wants to support a feasibility study and that’s it.”For more informational on the National Park Regional Citizen Evaluation Committee contact co-chair Bruce Cox at 746-5097.Their next public meeting with Quimby is set for Thursday, August 18th at 7 pm at the Medway Middle School.