Oxycodone The Target In Manchester Rite Aid Robbery 

A pharmacy in Manchester was robbed Monday morning. Now police are hoping the public can help them find the man responsible.Police got the call shortly after 11:00 monday morning. The Rite Aid on Western Avenue in Manchester had been robbed. “We arrived and gathered information that it was a white male who had demanded specific items from the pharmacy,” said Trooper Jeff Beach of the Maine State Police. “He did take off on foot.” State Police spokesman Steve McCausland says the suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of oxycodone. The man reportedly did not show a weapon but did manage to arouse suspicion from some customers and staff. Keith Steward of Manchester noticed the suspect right away. “He just came in with his hood over his face you know and everything covered,” Steward says. “That’s when I looked at the lady that was cashing me out and I said jeez he looks kind of suspicious. And she was saying, she said the same thing. He does look suspicious. The next thing you know he was running out of the store.”Steward said he then chased the man out of the store. “Well I ran up the stairs after him and when I got up to the top of the stairs I couldn’t see him he was already gone,” Steward said, “so I figured he had to have disappeared quick.”The Rite Aid store remained closed as police gathered evidence. Meanwhile State Police and the Maine Warden Service continued their search well into the afternoon. Using K-9 units they searched the area around Route 17 and the Readfield Road behind the Manchester town office. Steward told police where the suspect was headed before he lost sight of him.. “Somewhere he had to have because he were running this way I would have seen him,” he said, “so I figured he must have gone this way or up this way.”The suspect is described as 5′ 7” – wearing a black sweatshirt, blue jeans and sneakers. Witnesses think he was armed, but no gun was shown. If you have any information or spot the suspect you’re asked to call the state police at 624-7076 or dial 911 on your cell phone.