Cloth Diaper Delivery Business 

It’s a dirty job, and Liz Hudson loves every minute of it.The Southwest Harbor woman has opened a new business, dedicated to saving our planet, one dirty diaper at a time.=========As a mom to two young girls, Liz Hudson was looking for a career that could keep her home on weekends. “I did laundry and dry cleaning in high school and college. And then, I was also a major in microbiology, and so I studied bacteria. And then, I diapered two kids,” says Hudson.It all added up- to bottoms.”I pulled a magic button and it said- diaper service.”On January 1st, Hudson opened Dandy Diaper Service in Southwest Harbor. She quickly found out that Microbiology degree would come in handy.”There’s a whole science to laundry,” says Hudson. “There’s a diaper association that has guidelines that you have to follow. We don’t use any chlorinated bleach, it’s an oxyengenated bleach. We don’t use phosates.”Hudson admits she didn’t start using cloth diapers herself until daughter number two came along.”I had no idea people were using them. And then I found out I was like really?”Hudson was also surprised at how far cloth diapers had come- no more pins needed to hold them together. Marleina Ford liked the idea of cloth diapers, but not the time it took to clean them, especially after her third child arrived two weeks ago.”When you’re starting out with a new one, you’re a little busy and trying to keep up with everything,” says Ford. “It’s lower on my list.”Each week, Hudson arrives at Ford’s home with a fresh supply of cloth diapers, about 90 for a newborn. She leaves with a bag full of dirties, as she calls them. “yup, I’m the one man show right now,” says Hudson. “I’m the delivery person, the washer, oh yeah- I do everything.”HUdson admits that she never pictured herself as making a profit off of “poo”.”But, that’s the worst part of my job. It’s actually not that bad. I love meeting with the new moms, I love being around babies. It’s a lot of fun, I have to say.”+++++Hudson says cloth diapers can be reused up to 200 times.If you’d like more information on the Dandy Diaper Service, you can check them out on the web, or call them at 460-1479.