Target and the Salvation Army Team Up to Help Kids Shop for School 

Back to school means back to school shopping, but for some families it’s not that simple, they need a little help.Target teamed up with the Salvation Army to make the shopping a bit easier on some wallets. For sisters Matteah and Makenna Hamm, back to school is on the brain.” I’m so excited to start school because in the summer I just feel so lazy because you don’t get to be at school and learn,” said Makenna Hamm, who will be entering 7th grade this year. Her sister, 10th grader, Matteah adds, ” If you have the right supplies you can go back into school feeling ok about getting ready for school.”Thanks to Target and the Salvation Army, thirty kids in the greater Bangor area get to shop til they drop — with a limit. ” No more than $80,” explained Makenna Hamm. The kids were met by volunteers from the Salvation Army.” People do care about the needs of the community,” said Captain Tim Clark with the Salvation Army.Like Ellen Fisher, a retired teacher. ” Buying school stuff is second nature to me,” pointed out Fisher. The shoppers filled up on supplies for the classroom. ” Pens and pencils and I also got some folders,” said the younger Hamm. As well as supplies to make them feel good.” I don’t want to keep on wearing the same thing over and over and over, so just a bigger fashion closet I guess,” explained Makenna Hamm. ” One little boy, he had his Spiderman shirt with a matching Spiderman lunch box and Spiderman backpack,” said Captain Clark.It’s all helping these kids make the grade in academics and fashion.Five-hundred Target stores throughout the country participated in this event.