Maine’s Republican Party Says They’ve Uncovered Voter Fraud 

The head of Maine’s Republican Party says he may have uncovered more than 200 cases of voter fraud. he’s asking state officials to investigate. Charlie Webster says out-of-state college students are at the core of it. “206 individuals that I believe have committed voter fraud here in Maine,” Webster told a packed room at the state house on Monday. “Included on this list are international students attending college here in Maine, who voted in Maine, but may not even be American citizens. Others who voted twice in Maine and in there own state in the same election.”Webster also accused special interest groups of promoting voter fraud, even calling Democrats a special interest group. When asked if that meant Republicans are also a special interest he said this. “The difference is we represent regular people. How’s that? We represent working class people. People who drive a truck. We don’t represent the far left of Maine.” Prompting this response from Lewiston Democrat Michael Carey. “He’s the Republican attack dog.”The list of names compiled by the Maine Republican Party is being turned over to the Secretary of State’s office. The Republicans are requesting those people on that list be investigated for possible voter fraud. Democrats had a chance to respond after Monday’s press conference. They say there is a problem but that problem is not voter fraud. “I think there’s a problem when we take away people’s right to vote,” said Representative Carey. He says the new law banning same day voter registration is not needed. “There was no evidence of fraud to begin with. I don’t know why this was brought to begin with. It’s a bad law. It takes away the right to vote for many people in Maine and it should be repealed.”The list of names was dropped off at the secretary of state’s office early Monday afternoon. “Regardless of who gives this to me these are fairly serious allegations,” said Secretary of State Charles Summers, “and I have a duty as the chief election official to look into this and so we’ll begin an investigation. ” Hampden Republican Andre Cushing says Republican lawmakers want to wait for the Secretary of State to finish his investigation before deciding on their next move. “I’m waiting for what the official report will be,” Representative Cushing said, “if the Secretary of State or Attorney General determines that there are deficiencies in identifying this then we’re willing to look at addressing it.”Secretary of State summers says he hopes to have a preliminary report by the end of the week.