Day on the Farm Celebrates Annual Event 

It’s a sound they’d recognize anywhere, and it means something tasty is about to come their way.”I’m going to look at all the animals and feed them.”Days like this don’t come around often, but every summer the animals at the Treworgy farm can rely on this kind of service.”We’ve been participating for some years now,” said Robin Pellerin, the retail manager at Treworgy Family Orchards in Levant.The farm, along with more than a hundred others, took part in a statewide tradition, Open Farm Day.”It really helps to get people to connect with you know where their food is coming from and just who their local farmers and what they have to offer,” said Pellerin.It’s an event sponsored by the Department of Agriculture that not only connects the consumer with the producer, but brings Mainers back to their roots.”We all have kind of a rural heritage, that’s kind of what we have here. People, you know, used to always be able to go to their grandfather’s farm and visit animals or play around in the hay and you know just have a good time. But a lot of people don’t have that opportunity anymore, just to be able to come out to a place like this and just enjoy being on a farm,” said Pellerin.But now families have the chance, as more and more farms throughout the state are leaving their doors open, every summer.